Meet Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed’s journey began as a former refugee who, along with his family, found a new home in Lancaster after fleeing Chad, Africa in the late 1990s. Today, more than 25 years later, Ahmed still proudly considers Lancaster his beloved home.

Dedicated to the betterment of his community, Ahmed has become a respected community organizer and a leader within the refugee community. He has dedicated countless hours volunteering with various non-profit organizations and has also contributed his time and expertise to the City of Lancaster as a member of the Human Relations Commission.

In his professional life, Ahmed has made significant contributions to Lancaster City’s thriving hospitality industry.His commitment to excellence led him to earn the prestigious designation of Certified Rooms Division Executive through the American Hotel Lodging Association.

Ahmed’s passion and dedication extend to his vision for Lancaster’s future. He places a high priority on addressing the issue of affordable housing, ensuring that Lancaster remains an inclusive and welcoming city, and advocating for sound, long-term financial planning to benefit both residents and taxpayers alike.

Throughout his life and career, Ahmed has tirelessly worked towards the advancement of Lancaster through unwavering public service. With a heart dedicated to this community, Ahmed is here to stay, determined to shape a brighter future for Lancaster and its residents.